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Robert grew up in Southern California and developed a love for the beach and surfing at a young age. His summers were spent either traveling with his grandparents to Hawaii or living with them at their vacation beach rental houses. After graduating from high school Robert started college at USC and lived in Malibu so he could spend his free time surfing. His first real estate transaction was with his landlord who wanted to sell the property where Robert was living. Robert convinced his parents it would be a great investment and within 30 days, the transaction was complete. He graduated from USC, and spent the next 3 years in law school, still living at the same Malibu location. After completing law school, Robert got his real estate brokers license and started his investment portfolio. During the last 43 years, he has bought and sold many properties and thrives on the hunt and the renovation process.

​Julie grew up in a beach suburb of Los Angeles with parents who loved to travel. At an early age, her creative side was clear when helping her parents with their home remodels and renovations. Heading to San Diego for college, Julie got her Bachelor of Arts degree in art with an emphasis on interior design. For the last 30 years, she has worked for design firms who specialize in designing model homes for the Property Development industry. Their clients have included top builders throughout the US including California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Colorado and Florida, and China as well. In 1981 when Julie and Robert began their investment portfolio, Julie’s talents came in handy.  She remodeled many of their properties and love the transitional process from start to finish.  Julie’s interests include traveling, biking, hiking, spending time with her son and daughter, dogs and in particular her Australian Shepherd rescue, “Oliver.”

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